Extreme, Six Review


Extreme, Six Review

by Rudy Palma

Returning to the scene after an unprecedented hiatus, EXTREME have unleashed their sixth studio album, SIX. This record shows the band’s evolution, with a definite emphasis on the stunning vocal range of lead singer Gary Cherone and the band’s sublime harmonies. More so, it underlines the band’s fearlessness in exploring varying music styles, leaving no stone unturned in their creative journey.

Cherone’s versatile voice hits the ground running with “RISE.” His impassioned vocal delivery mirrors the band’s unwavering spirit and sets the tone for the rest of the album. His ability to shift from raw, guttural power to a tender and evocative timbre is indeed a spectacle.

“#REBEL” further showcases Cherone’s vocal power, beautifully harmonized with the band’s vibrant sonic backdrop. The power of his vocals on this track leaves no doubt about his ability to masterfully deliver a melody. The band’s vocal harmonies blend their voices, creating a soundscape as rebellious as the track’s title.

“OTHER SIDE OF THE RAINBOW” and “SMALL TOWN BEAUTIFUL” shift gears to exhibit Cherone’s dexterity in softer, more emotive tracks. The seamless transition from gritty rock tones to intimate ballads emotive timbres underscores his vocal fluidity. Cherone’s nuanced delivery of the touching lyrics makes these tracks a captivating listening experience.

The band’s experimental side emerges with “THE MASK” and “THICKER THAN BLOOD,” a stark departure from their hard rock origins. Even though these tracks explore uncharted sonic territories, Cherone’s vocal adaptability shines through, proving that his talent knows no bounds.

SIX further treats us with tracks like “SAVE ME” and “HURRICANE.” Here, EXTREME capitalizes on their knack for crafting memorable melodies and harmonies that carry the potent spirit of rock. Cherone’s distinctive vocal timbre breathes life into these tracks, supported excellently by Bettencourt’s guitar craftsmanship and vocal harmonies.

“BEAUTIFUL GIRLS” is a surprising detour with a pop rock beach sense. Despite the stark contrast in style, Cherone proves yet again that he can handle any genre thrown his way. The coherence in the album might be challenged here, but there’s no denying Cherone’s chameleon-like ability to adapt and entertain.

The album concludes with “HERE’S TO THE LOSERS,” encapsulating the band’s celebration of nonconformity. This final act, much like the album, is an audacious display of the band’s multifaceted vocal harmony and Cherone’s adaptability, making for an immersive, surprising, and thoroughly enjoyable listen.

All in all, EXTREME’s SIX is an exhilarating sonic journey that reveals new facets with each listen. It’s an affirmation of the band’s incredible vocal harmony and Gary Cherone’s multifarious vocal talents. Even with its occasional stylistic divergences, the band’s aptitude for innovation and exploration is commendable.

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