Founded in 2004, All About Vocals has focused on product that features vocals in various genres. Our goal is to bring focus to a mix of established and emerging new vocal releases.  We have a cast of characters on our staff, that love many types of music. The one resounding similarity is; it must be something unique and it must have a vocalist in the driver seat.

Product Submission: We are a green business, we accept press releases about new and exciting vocal only product via email.  The caveat is; it must be available on Amazon.com, Spotify or Pandora or it will not be reviewed. Do not include links, or downloads, or attachments, simply a press release with complete information is greatly appreciated.  It is well documented you can listen to most releases these days online, we really don’t need a download – we pay for all the online services and want to support the artists with “plays” of their music at least.  If we like it, we will review it. If we don’t, we still might review it.  But then again, maybe not.

Short Takes: In an effort to cover more releases, All About Vocals will be starting what we refer to as short takes. The amount of product being put out is daunting.  The overwhelming task of reviewing every single release coming out in depth has left us with a feeling of having to pass over too many titles, that at least should be covered in a short take manner.  Our goal is to inform our audience and give a more balanced outlook of what is being released.  Longer in-depth reviews will be reserved for features.