Chiyomi Yamada, My Land Review


Chiyomi Yamada, My Land Review by J. Pepper Chiyomi Yamada and the Japanese folk band Baobab have masterfully woven together the threads of traditional Japanese folklore and European musical sensibilities in the album My Land. Yamada, a native of Fukuoka, Japan, Read more

Nancy Vieira, Gente Review


Nancy Vieira, Gente Review by J. Pepper Nancy Vieira’s latest album, Gente, is a collection of songs brought to life by her dynamic vocals. Each of the fourteen songs is intricately woven with cultural narratives, personal history, and musical exploration. Born Read more

Abiola, Abiola Time Review


Abiola, Abiola Time Review by J. Pepper Abiola is a world music vocalist that has been singing, dancing, and acting across four continents. She is a dynamic and exciting entertainer and approaches her musical exploration from a multicultural perspective. Her Read more