Fifty Shades Freed, Soundtrack

by K. Slechta

Fifty Shades Freed is the latest soundtrack the Fifty Shades Trilogy. The soundtrack is filled with a list of super talent that is a power house of performances wrapped into one 22 tracks of over and hour of programming.  From movie soundtrack super star Danny Elfman to Julia Michaels, to Black Atlass and beyond, this power punch of tunes is jam packed with high octane performances and the who’s who of today’s music scene.

“Capital Letters,” begins the album featuring Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop, the tune is a super-pop venture with swirling sounds and large production.  Steinfeld is bubbling with an innocent and playful sound that offers memorable super-pop hooks.

Julia Michaels, I have to admit has been one of more favorite new voices on the scene, admittedly, I feel the combination of her superior writing skills and her unique signature delivery, that is believable and memorable is the “E” ticket, and “Are You,” and “Heaven” are no exception to the rule, sheer genius of writing and Michaels captivating style makes both these tunes must haves.

Absolutely no movie would be complete without the touch of Danny Elfman, seriously if you read the credits to almost any movie in Hollywood for the past two decades somewhere in there the Elfman’s touch has been bestowed. The title track “Freed,” and “Seeing Red” are proof of this genius’s ability with soundtrack soundscapes.  Intrigue, picturization and flurries of emotions reel through your mind as you explore these two tracks nestled towards the end of the album programming.

As mentioned above, Fifty Shades Freed is a cavalcade of musical stars and the journey from beginning to end is worth the purchase.  Truthfully the movie did absolutely nothing for me, but the soundtrack, it’s a win!

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