Katie Henry, Get Goin’ Review


Katie Henry, Get Goin’ Review

by Rudy Palma

Katie-Henry-all-about-vocals-CDKatie Henry’s Get Goin’ presents a vocal tour de force that showcases the breadth of her musical influences—from blues and rock to R&B and soul—but also the depth of her emotional and technical abilities as a singer. Opening with “Love Like Kerosene,” Henry immediately sets a high bar, her voice carrying both the energy and grit required to make an up-tempo blues number truly stand out. Her ability to balance power with nuance, allowing the song’s lively dynamics to shine through, is a testament to her understanding of the genre and her skill as a vocalist.

As the album progresses into tracks like “Jump” and “A Doll’s Heart,” we witness a shift towards a more introspective and nuanced vocal delivery. In “Jump,” Henry’s voice exudes a laidback, late-night vibe, perfectly complementing the song’s elegant blues undertones and creating an intimate atmosphere that draws listeners closer. “A Doll’s Heart,” on the other hand, highlights her capability to convey raw emotion, with a heartfelt performance that underscores her songwriting prowess.

Henry’s rendition of classics such as “Voodoo Woman” and “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” further demonstrates her vocal versatility. On these tracks, she infuses new life into well-trodden paths with her unique interpretation, balancing respect for the originals with her distinct style. Her performance on “Voodoo Woman,” in particular, is characterized by a funky, commanding presence that showcases her ability to own the stage, vocally speaking.

“Wake Up Time” finds the vocalist revealing her vulnerability, where Henry’s soulful vocals delve into themes of self-discovery and resilience. The emotional weight of her singing on this track is palpable, offering listeners a glimpse into her personal journey and the depth of her emotional register.

Throughout Get Goin’, Henry’s voice acts as the unifying thread that ties the diverse musical landscapes together. Producer Bernard Allison’s hands-on approach ensures that her vocals are not just another instrument in the mix but the focal point around which the album revolves. The production values complement her voice’s natural clarity and power, drawing comparisons to greats like Bonnie Raitt and Norah Jones, yet Henry remains distinct, her voice imbued with a character all its own.

Katie Henry’s Get Goin’ is a compelling showcase of her formidable talents as a vocalist. Through each track, she navigates the melodies with ease, her voice a powerful vehicle for storytelling. Whether belting out blues-rock anthems or crooning soulful ballads, Henry’s vocal performance is a highlight.


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