Dave Matthews Band, Live at Piedmont Park

Dave Matthews Band, Live at Piedmont Park Review


by Creighton Calloway

This show was a “green” show that took place in Atlanta, Georgia to promote environmental awareness (there was absolutely NO parking provided… public transportation was encouraged), and was set in Piedmont Park. Unfortunately, what’s not included in the recording is the Allman Brothers set that was played before DMB went on. But at least the cover of “Melissa” featuring Greg Allman and the version of “What Would You Say?” featuring Warren Haynes with his fantastic guitar work are included. I must say this was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, and I’m so glad they decided to record and release it.

There was definitely a nostalgic feel for the older crowd (and some of us youngsters who grew up listening to classic rock with their parents) getting to see the Allman Brothers play, which was cool because they used to play in Piedmont Park for free when they were just getting started. Also, Dave Matthews grew up in Marietta, Ga (a suburb of Atlanta), so I’m sure he felt right at home, great show, awesome bands… wonderful experience.

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