Daize Shayne, Live Your Dreams

Daize Shayne, Live Your Dreams

by: Danny Tremlee
A world-renowned champion surfer, successful model/actress, flourishing recording artist, philanthropist and role model who mentors inner-city kids. Daize Shayne is certainly at a young age tackling many aspects of life and achievements, but what is even more refreshing is to see such a young lady that truly has so much talent rolled up into one person.

Shayne grew up in Hawaii, where she taught herself to surf. To date, she’s a two-time World Longboard Champion, has captured first place at the Converse Longboard Nose Riding Championship and the Quicksilver Winter Classic, and was an Action Girl of the Year finalist.

Although Shayne has been singing and playing guitar as long as she has been surfing, it is only after reaching the pinnacle of success as a surfer that she began to focus on her music career. She has already headlined a nine-city Hard Rock Café tour, filled in for Eddie Van Halen at the National Association of Music Merchants convention, and performed at several high-profile political events, including one at Madison Square Garden.

Shayne’s latest release Living Your Dreams is certainly entitled properly. The CD not only offers the opportunity to hear Shayne from an Audio standpoint but also an added bonus of music videos on the CD that highlight Shayne’s beauty and many talents. The release begins with “Naughty Girl,” reminiscent of the Bad Boys of rock “Motley Crue” with crunchy riffs and searing guitar solos, this track opens the CD up with hard hitting appeal. “Movin On,” literally, we land on a poppy hook oriented cut that gets your feet boppin’ with a Yeah, Yeah, Yeah lyric. It’s a hook driven cut that is fun and light hearted. Broken love is the message of “Why Can’t You Understand Me.” A teenage anthem of the timeless message with chick empowerment overtones, Shayne delivers her vocal presentation right into your heart with raw unbridled energy.

We then “Reach” to what in my opinion is the hit of the album. Shayne’s voice exhibits strength and depth, this track really shines not only vocally but musically.

Overall, Live Your Dreams is one of the strongest teen albums to come out in years. Shayne is a full package vocally, visually and as a co-writer. The production is top notch and so is the album.

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