Craig Schumacher, New Shoes

Craig Schumacher, New Shoes Review

by Constance Tucker

New Shoes is made up of eight Schumacher original songs, each stylistically intriguing and full of colorful, well written and thought out storylines. Schumacher is among the league of above average writers on this outing. His ability to take the listener on a journey and put them in the story line as a vivid observer is a testament to his true talent as a songwriter.

Vocally, Schumacher is just what you would expect from a skillful songwriter; full bodied, gritty, and road traveled. His masculine voice further drive his songs of believability and wit down the road of genius.

Schumacher is complimented by an all-star line-up of nationally recognized jazz cats who capture the rich textures and sonic moodiness befitting the citizens of his tunes. “Volume Goes Up When Whiskey Goes Down,” is a provocative and intriguing cut (my favorite) with characters like “Crazy Mary” and “Officer Dick from the SDPD,” the blues rebel feeling portrayed on this cut is reminiscent of Dave Alvin or Lucinda Williams with it’s edgy but well crafted message.

The folk-leaning anti-war song “From the Other Side” is a topical numbers on the disc, reflecting some of the messages greatly needed in today’s climate.

New Shoes, is a full spectrum release with something for everyone who enjoys a witty songwriting style that is catchy and exhibits seasoned cohesive presentation. No “Three Chord” sag here…Schumacher is a songwriting force to be reckoned with. The production sound is stellar and would stand up to any major label studio production. Schumacher has all his shoes in the right place in the closet. I hope this review helps him walk down the boulevard and get the attention he deserves.

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