The Happiest Baby

The Happiest Baby Review

by Constance Tucker

Do you learn better by watching rather than reading? Here is a chance to see how to transport your baby from screaming into serenity…in minutes. Watch as, step-by-step, Dr. Karp teaches new parent how to switch on their baby’s powerful calming reflex. English and Spanish In “The Happiest Baby” Dr. Karp reveals a treasure sought by new parents for centuries… the “calming reflex” (the automatic “off-switch? for any baby?s crying). No wonder thousands of Los Angeles parents, from working moms to superstars like Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer have turned to Dr. Karp to learn his secrets for making babies happy. Elisabeth Bing author and co-founder of Lamaze International “The Happiest Baby on the Block is fun, fascinating and convincing. I highly recommend it to all new parents.” (Running time – 38 minutes.)
The DVD also contains 3 bonus chapters: 1) Dr. Karp answers 25 questions from parents about calming babies and helping them sleep. 2) A Spanish dubbed audio track of the entire 38 minute teaching video. 3) Three tracks of calming white-noise sound that is an extraordinary mix of womb sounds and a newly designed pulsation that babies love (even though it sounds a little odd to the ears of an adult) Each track can be played individually, played in sequence or repeated for hours to gently guide your baby into a deep level of relaxation. This video is designed in NTSC not PAL or SECAM. It is meant for use in most countries in the Western Hemisphere as well as Japan, South Korea, Greenland, Guam, Samoa, and the Philippines.

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