Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto

Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto – Review


by Kaya Savas

Jack Black is at it again, with his lighthearted and hilarious wit in full form with Tenacious D, an American comedy rock duo, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1994.  Founded by Black and Kyle Gass, the duo’s name is derived from “tenacious defense” a phrase coined by NBA basketball sportscaster Marv Albert. In 2000, they signed with Epic Records, and the year after released Tenacious D, their debut self-titled album featuring a full band – including Dave Grohl from Foo-fighters, on drums. The first single, “Tribute,” has since achieved cult-status. In 2003, Tenacious D released their first concert DVD – The Complete Master Works, which went on to achieve gold and platinum status certified by RIAA.  Who says comedy doesn’t sell CDs. A third album Rize of the Fenix in May 15, 2012, then in 2014, the band was invited to feature on Ronnie James Dio – This Is Your Life, a compilation album where various artists cover Ronnie James Dio songs to raise funds for cancer. Their cover of “The Last in Line” won a Grammy for best heavy metal performance at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Now in 2018, the band began independently releasing an animatic web series titled, Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto, each of the six episodes uploading exclusively to YouTube every week starting from the 28th of September. Columbia Records released the album Post-Apocalypto on November 2, 2018, just after the release of the sixth episode, which highlights the music of the series chapters.

It’s becoming the next step up in the ever-expanding landscape of new media to release videos and music together and Tencious D certainly has put forth a worthy experience that some dub as “mock rock.”   However you slice it, audiences are gobbling it up.  With each Chapter enjoying heavy views on YouTube per chapter.   Some of the chapters you will have to sign in for to view, as they are considered explicit.  Of course, adding to the allure and intrigue.  Each tune is driven by Blacks rock opera voice and Gass’ acoustic and electric abilities.

Their songs border on absurd, but certainly that is the idea. Black has always excelled at making the tomfoolery hilarious.  His quick wit and turn of a phrase is legendary.  Their songs traverse a variance of subjects from purported sexual prowess, friendship, cannabis usage and female empowerment, to just plain silly fun songs all performed in an apt vocal manner.  Black, like Weird Al Yankovic is actually quite the seasoned performer.

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