Gregorian, Pure Chants II Review


Gregorian, Pure Chants II Review

by Thomas E. Davis

Gregorian-cdGregorian is a vocal group led by producer Frank Peterson. “Not every song is suited for the Gregorian sound scale,” he explains, “so the songs have to be chosen very carefully for Gregorian.” The ever-popular group is releasing their album Pure Chants II. Gregorian is bringing their fans an early Christmas with this new album by expanding their fantastic PURE CHANTS repertoire with 12 brand-new songs. PURE CHANTS II combines beautiful and timeless interpretations of famous classics like “Greensleeves,” “Ave Maria,” “O Fortuna,” or “Hallelujah.” True to the motto: “In tranquillity lies strength,” Gregorian has brought us another album that focuses on the beauty of the human voice with Pure Chants II.

“Schubert: Ave Maria (Pure Version)” is the opening selection and acts as the transitional piece to bring us into the world of Gregorian. The choir is balanced, and the inner voices are easy to hear and follow through the different textures and melodies. The organ accompaniment is subtle and acts as a pad for the voices to float upon.

“Traditional: Cum Angelis + Psalm 24, Ver 7-10” is presented in a more traditional a Capella chant setting. The reverb gives the voices an ethereal texture as they buzz with precise intonation. A song perfect for relaxing during the Holidays and setting that ideal ambiance.

Pure Chants II is a collection of beautifully sung songs focusing on the human voice. Half the songs are a Capella, and the other half have a subtle organ. Gregorian does it again with another excellent album of male voices singing in glorious harmony.


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