David Thorne Scott, DYAD

David Thorne Scott DYAD Review

by: Constance Tucker

David Thorne Scott and Mark Shilansky have been playing music together for over five years, but it took a happy accident to bring about their latest project. David had a collection of 20 or so new songs and arrangements, and had the idea to go into the recording studio with Mark to create demo versions of as many songs as they could crank out in three hours. The end result is DYAD, self released by Scott, a collection of Jazz, Pop and Cabaret; this delightful CD takes you on a journey of sublime.

A duet can be a stark and sometimes lifeless setting if put in the wrong hands. Scott and Shilansky handle the task with effortless mastery and a bit of humor as exhibited on “Agitated,” a humorous take on the foils of modern day life and its many emotions from day to day. Scott is an eloquent lyricist and composer. Shilansky is a worthy foil to Scott’s able and agile vocal abilities. The two dodge and weave their way through each melody.

My favorite cut on the CD is “Grow,” a Scott original. This cut allows Scott to truly showcase his true tone and storytelling abilities within the lyric and harmony. Many times male vocalists don’t exhibit tone as much as character within their voices. Scott is one of those rare male vocalists who not only exhibits clear tone, diction and articulation, but he also has a pleasing timbre and amazing ability to tell a storyline of organic honesty within each line of the lyric.

DYAD is a true duet masterpiece. If you enjoy a duet settings and vocal jazz, this is a must for any jazz collection, a true joy for any vocal jazz fan.

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