Alex Vaughn, The Hurtbook Review

Alex Vaughn, The Hurtbook – Review

by: Rudy Palma

alex-vaughn-cdAlex Vaughn is releasing The Hurtbookan eight-song project the rising singer-songwriter has spent 18 months building via the famous record imprint, LVRN recording label. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer is classically trained in voice. However, she has chosen to express herself in an R&B setting.

“So Be It” opens with an exotic and moody guitar intro. The band enters and supports Vaughn’s elegant vocals. As the song progresses, multiple layers of backing vocals add richness. The lyric in the chorus is on the repetitive side, Vaughn’s voice is soulful and seductive, nonetheless.

“Mirage” has formulaic instrumentation supporting a relaxed melody sung gracefully by Vaughn. She explores the upper register of her voice in the selection, adding to the fragility of the meaning of the lyrics. This song could be more potent with full and organic instrumentation.

The Hurtbook brings eight songs to us from a very talented vocalist. Though the songs are light on development and the instrumental accompaniment is weak, Vaughn can sing. Her tone and soulful embellishments to the melodies keep the album afloat; certainly, worth checking out and grabbing a song or two for the playlist.

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