Audrey Silver, Very Early

by Constance Tucker

Bristling with beauty and panache Audrey Silver is back with a highly engaging offering that is guaranteed to warm your soul this season.  I had the pleasure of hearing Silver on her last offering Dream Awhile and I was immediately taken by her almost Karen Carpenter vocal quality, and in my book that is the pinnacle of vocal sound.  Like Carpenter, her voice is instantaneously engaging, warming, and leaves you feeling like thaudreye tune just hit the sweet spot. Silver’s range is undeniable, she hits the notes, whether high or low with ease and takes the listener through a varied of emotions with each lyrical storyline.

What is so profound about this offering is the extremely well-chosen and not oft covered chestnuts she has unearthed along with a dapple of Silver originals.  One that struck me so profoundly was “The Cold Wind’s Embrace,” a supple, tune that showcases not only Silver’s ability to nail a ballad, which for anyone that understands singing knows this is where a vocalists salt is revealed is in simply stated, stunning.  The lyrics are written in a jazz standard style, and I did have to look twice to see if it was a standard I had missed, and to my delight indeed it was a Silver original (lyrics: Silver, music: Silver and  Gagne.  What a delightfully uplifting treat to the cold winter days ahead. 

Another absolutely surprise is the under-covered Bobby Troupe tune “Lemon Twist,” a breezy tune that swings with effervescence.   Treated to a saucy sound by vibraphonist Tom Beckham, the tune bounces along with lilt, while Silver expertly traverses the quick witted lyric with graceful ease, hitting the low notes with rounded clarity and the high notes with pristine pitch. 

There are so many outstanding performances on this album; it’s hard to truly choose which one is the standout.  I suggest you pick up a copy for yourself, and truly experience why Audrey Silver is the preeminent jazz vocalist of this era. She’s got the goods, and she knows how to deliver!  Highly Recommended.

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