Aerial School, Love Is Calling

by J. Kyr

Hailing from the rich rock vibes of Hollywood, Aerial School, is setting out to make a CD that is just what all rockers want to hear. Founded by Thorn St. Germain and Chaim Rochester, Love is Calling is their new CD, rife with heavy riffs, memorable choruses and bad boy lyrics. St. Germain says, “Very simply, I wrote the album I wanted to hear!”  That is pretty much what you get, seven rockin’ songs,” and we have no complaints.

“Darker Shade of Gray” starts the school day, supported by the amazing rock vocals of Dusty Bo (from Future Villains).  The lyrics are pure rock and have plenty of attitude and sexual innuendos. St. Germain’s guitar playing is solid, with a big rhythm sound with tasty leads. He varies the song structure and lets Bo do his thing, which sells the song!

One might not think of harmonica setting well in a rock band’s sonic lunch room, but blues harpist Jimmy Z does just that on “Red Hot Flame.” This song serves up three great items for lunch, Bo’s hearty vocal abilities are the potatoes to St. Germain’s meaty writing and playing and Jimmy Z’s energetic harmonica work are the veggies, that make for a scrumptious meal.

“All My Life” starts with a bitchin’ guitar riff, layered vocal harmonies and solid drums. St. Germain sticks to the tried and true verse followed by a chorus with a bridge that leads back to the intro structure. Hey, nothing wrong with that, it works and works well. St. Germain’s solo is short and sweet, but full of energy. The lyrics are pure rock and delivered with enough attitude to have to stay after school for.

Love is Calling certainly gets a passing grade in the rock class, and overall, it even makes the honor roll. St. Germain’s guitar playing and his songs combined with great singing is what puts the CD in the right G.P.A. range. Arena rock is still alive and school is in, don’t be tardy.

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