Briana Piedra, In My Head Review


Briana Piedra, In My Head Review

by: Rudy Palma

Briana-Piedra-CDBriana Piedra is a Los Angeles-based pop singer and songwriter that has just released her latest single titled “In My Head.” Piedra brings us an electro-pop/R&B selection with her flirty singing and clever lyrics. Piedra says, “In My Head” is a bubbly pop song about an inward/outward battle between logic and emotions. One moment you’re falling in deep, and the next, you’re triggered with anxiety that takes over. In the end, sometimes it’s just easier to push people away to avoid the pain that comes from fully letting someone in. Or maybe it’s just built-up fear from past trauma that keeps you trapped in your head.”

In My Head” has varying sections of intensities, and the call and response of the vocals add to the exciting layers of the song. Unfortunately, the drums and hi-hat are all very generic, which pulls down on the appeal of the music. However, one can hear Piedra’s passion and songwriting skills just waiting to break through with a less produced and more ‘natural’ musical surrounding.

Piedra has an appeal that will pull you into her world. Though the mid-tempo beat lacks originality, her sensuality brings the song to life. “In My Head” highlights a slinky melody and catchy chorus, take a listen to see if Piedra is right for you.

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