Tilsen, Little Worse Review


Tilsen, Little Worse Review

by Rudy Palma

tilsen-cd-coverTilsen’s first single was released in 2020, and the Toronto-based vocalist and songwriter has been building her singles catalog ever since. Tilsen is the daughter of an opera singer, which has allowed her to absorb many vocal timbres, hues, and techniques. She also places a lot of importance on lyric writing and says, “I spend a lot of time reflecting on my life and my relationships.” She is now bringing a new single to the lineup called “Little Worse.”

Tilsen combines an electro-pop surrounding to support her expressive vocals. Her tone and vocal control demonstrates attention to detail as she develops the melody. The song has a catchy tune, and Tilsen’s knack for emphasizing key lyrics brings the subject and melody to life. Her vocal harmonies and layering are interesting and build with the instruments to create a very satisfying track.

Tilsen is a new talent on the scene of a very crowded field of new beautiful young vocalists. Her singing and songwriting are undoubtedly strong enough to push her to the front. Her imagery is consistent and artistic, although the heavy use of lingerie is a bit much. Put Tilsen on your radar for big things to come, and in the meanwhile, enjoy “Little Worse.”

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