Madison Beer, Reckless

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Madison Beer, Reckless Review


by Rudy Palma

Madison Beer The ever prolific and lovely singer songwriter Madison Beer is at it again.  In case you doubted if for a moment, let us belay your fears.  Her latest single “Reckless” if fresh off the line.  Co-written and co-produced by Beer it’s a preamble to her US and Canadian Life Support Tour.

“Reckless,” lyrically focuses on the carelessness of people in relationships and the emotional power they can yield against each other with.  Beer purports we have a responsibility to treat each other with respect and kindness.  The single begins with a music box rendition of the melody, Beer enters with the sincerity of heartbreak and the breathiness of her sultry fragility intact. Beer is in total control of each emotional crescendo of the song, whether she invokes a heavier vibrato at end of lines or shortens them when needed for impact she is on target in service of the song every time.

“Reckless,” does not disappoint and the accompany video to her single is top-notch.  Beer continues to ignite the pop realm with undeniable talent and creativity.  Stepping into the co-writing/co-producer chair this time cements her place as a lasting force to come in the pop patois.

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