Megan Moroney, Lucky Review


Megan Moroney, Lucky Review

Southern Charm and Soulful Honesty: Megan Moroney’s ‘Lucky’ Strikes Gold

by John Gaddis

megan-moroney-aavMegan Moroney’s highly-anticipated debut album, Lucky, is an intimate exploration of the young country singer’s life. Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, and now rooted in Nashville, Moroney’s album exudes an electrifying authenticity that resonates with contemporary country music fans. The thirteen tracks artfully showcase her crafty lyrics and penchant for pulling you into her music with her honey voice.

“I’m Not Pretty” is a delightful tune with a catchy melody that shows Moroney’s gift for writing lyrics. Moroney’s voice is warm, confident and exudes a relaxed sensuality. Her diction is easy to understand, and she has a clear accent, making this pop country gem all the more alluring. As for lyrics, Moroney hits so many truths in this one!

“Girl in the Mirror” is Moroney sharing a very personal and vulnerable emotion. Here, Moroney sings with vulnerability and tenderness. At times, only in the right moments, she adds a little grit to her voice for accent. When Moroney reaches up into her upper register without switching to falsetto, it is absolutely gorgeous and fits the song’s emotion. As for the lyrics, the song’s last two lines are so deep, so this pretty Georgia peach also moonlights as a philosopher.

Megan Moroney’s debut album Lucky is a fun, compelling, and intimate musical experience that showcases her remarkable ability to captivate listeners with her honey-toned voice and crafty lyrics. Moroney’s effortless skill in blending warm, confident vocals with a relaxed sensuality to create an alluring atmosphere is hard to resist. Her clear country accent and relatable, truthful lyrics tug at the heartstrings, while her moments of vulnerability and tenderness, coupled with a dash of grit, paint a vivid picture of her emotional landscape. Moroney’s Lucky is a testament to her multifaceted talents as a singer, songwriter, and even philosopher. Is this brilliant Georgia peach lucky? Well, that could be, but she is undoubtedly talented, and her singing comes across as an organic natural talent, an extension of who she is, and that will indeed rise her to a place among the stars in the contemporary country music scene.



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