Journey, Greatest Hits DVD

by: Constance Tucker

This review is really really easy. If you love Journey you’ll love to watch this anthological dvd and you’ll come back to it again and again even if the production isn’t perfect (anyway it is a selection which comprehend material recorded in twenty years so the production levels are quite different). If you don’t love Journey, well, why buying an anthological dvd? This is a dvd for the fans it’s obvious. I am. I absolutly love Journey so watching the band perform live and see a young Steve Perry in videoclips it’s been a blast! I never had the pleasure to see Perry singing a single note and he is my favourite singer!!! So it’s really been a blast!!!

I am extremely grateful for this DVD, I love it and I recommend it to every Journey fans, even if, I want to say it again, the production of the original material is sometimes good, sometimes very good, sometimes weak, the choices the band did at the time for the videoclips now seems very dated, the production of this DVD, it’s not that perfect. But ….. love is blind, isn’t it?? And here you have Perry. Steve Perry. Steve Perry. Steve Perry. Steve Perryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!! Who cares about production levels when you can hear and see him singing and performing with Cain, Schon, … with Journey???? Two more words. Steve Perry. Period.

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