Journey, Greatest Hits

Reviewed By:  Michael Kerner
This past year, many records have been re-relased from their artwork, and the feeling of the music. That has also been the case when it comes to greatest hits records. This year, there have been greatest hits records that’ve been reissued from performers such as the Bee Gees, Luther Vandross, and Aerosmith. That has also been the case with Journey. Throughout their career, with and without Steve Perry, the group has still remained a guilty pleasure throughout the years. Although many people would rather hear acts like Beyonce’, and other, the rock and feel still remains great, as it relevant with their greatest hits.

Journey’s re-release of Journey’s 1988 Greatest Hits is still a well-received and well reflected of the Corporate Rock band at their best. This is ironically the second time this record has been re-released, the first was back in 1996. The songs here still sound great and include pop gems like the rock ballad Open Arms, Only The Young, and Faithfully. The album also includes Be Good To Yourself, and their first mainstream hit with Steve as the lead Wheel In The Sky. The album also includes the add-on track When You Love A Woman, which was featured from their final record with Steve Perry, 1996’s Trial By Fire.

All in all, if you’ve purchased an earlier version of Journey’s Greatest Hits, it isn’t worth purchasing this record again. But. if you haven’t any of Journey’s great pop gems, than this is the record for you. I still love these songs, as if they were first released years ago, and that remains a great deal of open arms to hold.

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