Janine Gilbert-Carter

Janine Gilbert-Carter,  A Song For You

Review by: Constance Tucker

mmm, mmm, mmm, wow, wow, woow! Janine is the real deal here folks, soul, rhythm, vocal quality, fabulous delivery of lyrical content and the ability to capture the audience. This assumption is based on the audience’s response as this latest offering from Janine Gilbert-Carter is a live CD, it is clear they are as affected as I am with Carter’s voice.
“There is No Greater Love,” is a swinging rendition of the Symes, Jones classic, recorded by many jazz artists such as Stan Kenton, Mike Stern, Paul Chambers and even Aretha Franklin. Carter lays right into the pocket with soulful swing and bounce-able delivery. Her soulful voice lulls you into a blissful elation.

“What A Difference a Day Made,” a Grever/Adams classic lends itself to Carter’s – Vaughesque styling. Her rendition clearly is a standout that pays homage to her knowledge of jazz classics before her. Not to say that Carter is copying previous renditions, because she evidently has her own style and poise of vocal quality, but she acknowledges historical overtones in her delivery.

Each cut has its own unique special moment that is overlaid with Carter’s fantastic voice. The overall tone is one of complete immersion into jazz by a stylish vocalist who clearly has soul and bite.

The last cut “At Last,” is belting cut that peaks and valleys with emotion. Carter sells this song inside and out. She is all over the passion of finding that one true love and the feeling of beings so joyful over it, her heart sings and so does the song! Carter is gritty, sassy and downright “down-home.” Kudos’ on this tremendous offering of live entertainment that truly proves that “in the moment” is where the action is.

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