James Brown, 20 All Time Greatest Hits

by Bill Rand

This album is a great collection of all of James Brown’s absolute mega-hits. Of course he has written so many great songs that this is simply a skimming of the absolute best songs. I had no real James Brown albums before I bought this one, but I had heard enough of his stuff to know I wanted at least one CD and this is it, this is the best CD there is with respect to his work, and may well be one of the best Soul CDs of all time.

I love it because the songs just want to make you jump out of your seat and start boogieing. It really makes you want to dance. It also has very emotional songs that are filled with energy. There are of course the songs everyone has heard from “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” which is an absolute great song that makes my foot tap involuntarily every time it comes on, to “Get Up” which has that weird over the top sexual innuendo that James Brown is so good at, to “Super Bad” which might very well be the best song on here, “I Got You (I Feel Good)” which might be the most well known song. But there are also a lot of songs that are awesome and not heard nearly as much like “Get On The Good Foot” with those sexual plays again, “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” which at times seems almost to be ironic, and “Think” which is an emotional appeal.

I highly recommend this CD to everyone! This is the one James Brown CD you have to own. And if you really like this though they have a lot more funk going on I recommend Parliament’s “Best of Parliament” as well for some more of this funk-soul sound.

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