Jack’s Big Music Show: Let’s Rock!

by: Tami Horiuchi

Jack’s Big Music Show is a Nickelodeon television program that features puppetry, music, and guest performances by popular children’s music artists. Puppets Jack, his friend Mary, and dog Mel have a special clubhouse where they meet to make music together and where visitors often stop in for some musical fun and a little help solving problems. The barbershop-inspired Schwartzman (puppet) Quartet comes visiting in each episode and there’s always one or two music video interludes featuring popular children’s music artists like The Laurie Berkner Band We Are . . . the Laurie Berkner Band, Sweet Honey in the Rock Sweet Honey in the Rock–Singing for Freedom, Dirty Sock Funtime Band Mr. Clown and the Day the Sun Got Wet, or Steve Burns and Steven Drozd.
“Groundhog Day” features The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart as a reporter for the Groundhog News reporting on the story of Gertrude Groundhog–a groundhog who’s too nervous and shy to come out in public to look for her shadow. When Gertrude calls at the clubhouse, Jack, Mary, and Mel provide encouragement and a special song to bolster Gertrude’s self-confidence and help her fulfill her Groundhog duties. “Jack and the Beanstalk” puts a new spin on a classic fairytale when Jack, Mary, and Mel help Mr. Giant find the perfect birthday gift for his wife. “How Mel Got His Groove Back” stresses the importance of liking oneself while helping Mel the dog recover from a bang on the head that leaves him meowing like a cat and “Little Bad Wolf” provides an ever-huffing and puffing little wolf with an introduction to music and the perfect musical instrument. Watch for Steve Burns’ (formerly from Blue’s Clues–Shapes and Colors) music video “I Hog the Ground” and The Laurie Berkner Band’s music video “Space Ship” in the bonus features. Jack’s Big Music Show is an entertaining series that exposes children ages 1 to 5 to a variety of musical styles while promoting a wholesome message about believing in oneself.

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