Silveroot, Full Measure


by: Constance Tucker

Silveroot consists of Patrick Flynn as the primary vocalist and guitarist. Flynn’s gritty vocals and poignant lyrics lift this Americana (and I do mean Americana) not countrified pop group, to a stature of what good old fashioned well-crafted songwriting should be. Emily Palen’s violin adds a masterful touch to this accomplished groups sound, along with her sweet backing vocals. The accomplished and technically sound picking on the banjo, accordion and ebow of Darryl Webb add dimension to the music overall.

Stellar standouts on the release are easy to find, with Flynn’s songwriting abilities creating a vehicle of clarity and craftsmanship throughout the entire CD.

“Overland Road,” is a pure, emotive and beautiful instrumental track that easily can fill your drive with rich harmonic colors and visions of paradise. The group’s chemistry is evident as each note unfolds. Palen’s violin soars with vocal quality lines weaving story after story in your mind.

Next up is the title track “Full Measure,” Flynn’s voice is haunting, coupled with the wisdom of a musician and poet who has traveled many journeys in life. Webb and Palen provide almost sibling harmonies over the chorus to add that extra depth of profoundness.

“No Revelation,” is a perfect political song that is right on target for the times. Revelation would be helpful in this time period as we go through all the presidential posturing of the current presidential election. Flynn is surely the Dillon of our era, laying out the truth with convicted reverence.

Beauty abounds with deep meaning of magical lyrics in “Passing Glances” as Flynn journeys through the emotions of love and longing, the ebb and flow if you will of life. His voice is supple and intimate as his band mates lay a foundation of added resonance.

With the final track “Stickin’ With You,” exhibits Palen’s technical prowess. This cut takes the CD to another level of beauty, with clear and warm tones creating sincere splendor, with linear lines that connect each gorgeous phrase. This time it is Flynn and Webb that create the vehicle upon which Palen can soar.

Built upon a premise of fun, this group of friends has created a release that will leave a lasting impression. Especially among listeners that enjoy powerful lyrics and great musicianship. Full Measure is well worth the purchase.

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