Robert Finley, Black Bayou Review


Robert Finley, Black Bayou Review

by Constance Tucker

Robert-Finley-CDIn Black Bayou, Robert Finley returns with an album that resonates deeply with the soul of blues and the heart of storytelling. Released on October 27, 2023, by Easy Eye Sound, this album cements Finley’s status as a quintessential bluesman whose voice and guitar weave tales of life, love, and the bittersweet symphony of existence.

The opening track, “Livin’ Out A Suitcase,” immediately sets the tone for the album. It’s a gritty, soulful groove that encapsulates Finley’s journey through life and music. This song is an ode to the life of a touring musician, contrasting the exhilarating highs of performing with the inherent loneliness of life on the road. Finley’s voice in this track is like caramel black coffee – rich, dark, and enticing, with a smoothness that belies the intensity of the flavors within. It’s a voice that carries the weight of experience, imbued with a warmth that only years of living and singing the blues can bestow.

“What Goes Around (Comes Around)” is a standout track that delves into the philosophy of cause and effect. Here, Finley explores the inevitability of life’s cyclical nature – what goes up must indeed come down. The song is delivered with a conviction and truth that only someone who has lived these words can muster. Finley’s vocals are weathered yet warm, resonating with honesty and authority. As he wails the refrain, there’s a sense of someone who has seen it all and has emerged wiser yet unbroken. The song is a testament to Finley’s ability to convey profound truths through the medium of blues, making the listener not only hear the words but feel them.

Black Bayou is an that stays true to the roots of blues while also exploring its boundaries. Finley’s work here is a musical journey through a life lived in full, with all its complexities, joys, and sorrows. His voice is an instrument of emotional expression, reaching out to the listener with every note and lyric. The album presents a tapestry of experiences, woven together by a master storyteller whose authenticity shines through every song.

Black Bayou comes across as a piece of Robert Finley’s soul, shared generously with the world through song. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the blues, not only as a genre of music but as a form of storytelling that resonates with the human experience. Finley, with his caramel black coffee voice, invites us into his world, and it’s an invitation that’s hard to resist.


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