Leslie Satcher, 2 Days in Muscle Shoals

Leslie Satcher, 2 Days in Muscle Shoals – Review

by Imogen Speith

Leslie Satcher was born in Paris. Well, Texas that is, where she sang in local churches and schools an experience which she lists as one of her biggest influences. In 1989, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her dream of being a country music singer, but found a niche writing the songs, for other artists.  Many notable country music acts like Patty Loveless, Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, and Reba McEntire and Pam Tillis have recorded her songs.  Her songwriting hits include: “I Said a Prayer” (Pam Tillis), or “When God-Fearin’ Women Get the Blues” (Martina McBride), while “Politically Uncorrect,” performed by Merle Haggard and Gretchen Wilson was nominated for a Grammy award.

With the release of her first album Love Letters in 2002 on Warner Brothers, and an independent release of Creation in 2005, she has continuously been met with critical acclaim.  Even USA Today listed her as part of a “groundswell” in traditional country and bluegrass music. In 2008, two songs she co-wrote with Monty Holmes, “Troubadour” and “House Of Cash” were recorded by George Strait.  In 2017, Leslie and The Electric Honey Badgers released the single “This Won’t Take Long”, featuring Vince Gill and Sheryl Crow.

Now in 2018, with the release of her full-length album 2 Days in Muscle Shoals, its time once again for this electrifying artist to step into the spot light.  “Run it Down South,” kicks off the album with guest artist Trisha Yearwood.  The Electric Honey Badgers crank it up and give a no-holds bar grooving good time.  Satcher has a gritty bluesy voice that rustles the leaves with her powerful delivery.  Satcher seamlessly sews pearls of lyrics together for a righteous storyline and she delivers it with soaring vocals to boot. With the addition of Yearwood on backing vocals the two harmonize with soulful conviction for a winning track.

“This Won’t Take Long,” featuring Vince Gill and Sheryl Crow has a reminiscence of Bonnie Raitt’s work with Don Was.  Slick harmonies and jangling guitars, the tune is an anthem to love and its pursuit. Whereas “It Won’t Take Long,” featuring Yearwood once again as a guest artist gets back to Satcher’s roots and her commitment to her faith and unabashed conviction. The words ‘I’ve Always Known Who I Belong To,’ could not ring truer.

When “Chrome Halo” started to play I thought I was about to listen to Led Zepplin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” but then it quickly changed up to more of an elongated melody.  Satcher uses an overdriven effect on her voice that gives the tune a rockish edge.

Overall, there is a nice blend of blues, country, singer-songwriter, and roots rock tunes that will fully satisfy your appetite. It is easy to see why Satcher has written for numerous country artists in the past, her ability to craft well-honed tunes with hook laden melodies is gifted.  Its nice to see her out front on this outing as she certainly can hold her own as a leader.  Worth the price of admission and more.  Get yourself a copy.

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