Grace Haggerty, What A Wonderful World

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by Robert S. Harmon

Grace Haggerty - What A Wonderful World Holiday CD Cover

Newcomer Grace Haggerty came to singing naturally. Surrounded by jazz and the arts from her parents, Haggerty always savored the music. So, at the encouragement of family and friends, she connected with Tiki Recording Studios and, more specifically, Fred Guarino, along with arranger Angelo DiPippo to create her debut full-length album My Funny Valentine


The dynamic production team is back just in time for the holiday season with Haggerty’s rendition of the classic tune made famous by Pop’s himself, “What A Wonderful World.” Written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. It was first recorded by Louis Armstrong and released in 1967 as a single. Fittingly Haggerty also is releasing the classic tune as a single just in time for the holiday season.


Haggerty is joined by an orchestra of violins, cellos, French horns, woodwinds, and a stalwart trio consisting of Tony Tedesco on drums, David Finck on bass, and Teff Firth on piano. DiPippo is a wonderfully sensitive arranger, and he pays attention to the small nuances that weave the sections together like a finely woven silk.  Haggerty approaches the tune with a straightforward and classic approach, lingering on each lyric with reverence and authenticity. Of note is a solo by saxophonist David Mann, uplifting the solo section with a tasteful soulfulness of yesteryear.  


Haggerty and her team of producers have put together a lasting tribute to love and the spirit of the season that hopefully will spill over into the coming year almost upon us.

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