Acute Inflections, Someday at Christmas


by Robert S. Harmon

Acute Inflections - Someday At ChristmasAcute Inflections is a chic jazz duet comprised of vocalist Elasea Douglas and bassist Sadiki Pierre. The two specialize in crafting jazz, pop, and adult contemporary songs into reimagined gems designed for their intimate duet. They are a complete package, with a clear brand of professional pictures, album covers, and elegant attire.  

Acute Inflections exudes elegance in everything they do. They are now bringing that style to the tune made famous by Stevie Wonder, “Someday At Christmas.”


Pierre begins the tune with stunning bowing that sets the timbre and the weight of the lyric, “a world where men are free.” Further, “Someday at Christmas, there’ll be no wars. When we have learned what Christmas is for. When we have found what life’s really worth, there’ll be peace on earth.” Douglas is fragile and poignant in her delivery, before the halfway point where Pierre changes pace into a swing tune that celebrates the moment of hope.

The passion of heartfelt moments and reflection the holiday can bring. Douglas the Pierre, in their singular instruments, fill the spaces with their gloriousness. Writers Bryan Wells and Ron Miller have created a song that reminds us of the spirit of Christmas, and Acute Inflections sends that message home with sincerity and a rendition that will be cherished year after year.

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