Deep Purple, Turning To Crime


by John Gaddis

Deep Purple Turning To CrimeDeep Purple has returned with another album following last year’s chart-topping album Whoosh! This time, Deep Purple surprises with an album of songs not written by the band and formerly recorded by other artists. The new album Turning to Crime, released by earMUSIC, enlisted producer and friend Bob Ezrin to work with them on this project. Ezrin assigned each band member a few of the selected songs to arrange. No band member knew what the other was creating until the results were shared with the whole band to make things even more interesting. They all became co-producers of “their songs.” Once everybody joined, the result turned into DEEP PURPLE songs.


“7 An 7 Is” is an exciting choice for the band to take on, but the arrangement and singing are a great success. The drum pattern and energy are carried over from the original, but the instruments’ collective adds more depth and drive. Gillan’s singing is energetic and floats through the song’s structure with aim and purpose. Morse performs a beautiful guitar solo, and so does keyboardist Airey Donald.


“Oh Well” has a new acoustic guitar riff from Steve Morse that sets the song’s tone. Gillan is known for his ability to deliver a lyric with smoldering intensity and rock’n’roll exuberance. One can hear his vocal tone and articulation during the a Capella moments of the melody. Morse turns in a blazing solo with his signature quick lines and soaring bends. The arrangement is clever, and the band puts their distinct Deep Purple sound on this.


Turning to Crime is Deep Purple showing their diversity in style and their ability to make music from any source their own. This experiment resulted in something that incited them and quickly shaped the music into a real piece of art. Turning to Crime is Deep Purple enjoying playing music without commercial plans nor losing their edge and drive with incredible rock vocals the way they are meant to be, live and filled with passion. This is Deep Purple coming full circle.

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