Deborah Silver and Steve Tyrell, That’s Life Review


Deborah Silver and Steve Tyrell, That’s Life Review

by Constance Tucker

Debor-SILVER-Steve-TYRELL-cdThat’s Life,” the new evocative duet by Steve Tyrell and Deborah Silver, presents two fabulous vocalists intensely appreciating the song’s rich historical context, delivering a contemporary reinterpretation. This song is given a timeless arrangement that is reimagined in a way that’s enjoyable and lets the vocalists shine in their fantastic execution.

The song opens with a lush arrangement, the handiwork of Bob Mann. Each instrument in this ensemble — the soulful piano by Andy Ezrin, the rhythmic strumming of Bob Mann’s guitar, the steadfast bass of Trey Henry, and the dynamic drumming of Kevin Winard — melds into a harmonious backdrop. The brass section, led by Wayne Bergeron, Rob Schaer, and Andy Martin, adds a golden layer of nostalgia, while the saxes, played by Jeff Driskill, Sal Lozano, and Mark Visher, weave a rich tapestry of sound. The Budapest Scoring Orchestra’s strings elevate the track to a symphonic level, creating a cinematic feel.

Tyrell’s and Silver’s vocals are a study of elegance and complement each other beautifully. With his gravelly, textured tone, Tyrell brings a seasoned, reflective quality to the song, reminiscent of Sinatra’s style. Silver, on the other hand, infuses the track with a fresh vibrancy, her voice soaring effortlessly, providing a modern twist to the classic. The way their voices intertwine is akin to a dance — at times leading, at times following, but always in perfect harmony. Lisa Fischer’s background vocals add an additional layer of richness, her subtle harmonies elevating the song’s emotional depth.

The lyrical content of “That’s Life” speaks to resilience and perseverance, themes that are timeless yet particularly resonant today. Tyrell and Silver’s interpretation feels deeply personal, as if they’re not just singing the words but living them. Their rendition captures the song’s essence, thanks to their superb diction — the highs and lows of life, the inevitable ups and downs, and the unyielding human spirit.

This rendition of “That’s Life” is an homage to the golden era of jazz and swing but also pushes the song’s fresh appeal. The song is a journey through different eras of music, brought together by the timeless thread of exceptional vocal talent and masterful orchestration. Tyrell and Silver and their ensemble have done a fine version of this classic.

That’s Life” by Steve Tyrell and Deborah Silver is a musical experience that brings new life to what we might have thought was a familiar tune. This rendition is a must for anyone who appreciates the artistry of vocal performance and the timeless beauty of jazz standards.

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