Ceara Cavalieri, Radio Silence


by Rudy Palma


Ceara Cavalieri is a singer and songwriter from California that recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology.  Since leaving school, the 26-year-old has dedicated herself to pursuing music full-time.  Cavalieri’s love for music has been with her since she found her singing voice at the age of three, has not stopped singing since.  In her teenage years, she took to songwriting to express her thoughts and feelings when her shyness prevented her from expressing herself aurally.  With four releases under her belt thus far, Cavalieri is now releasing her single called “Radio Silence.”

“Radio Silence” is a pop-rock exploration that questions and addresses the confusion that can accompany an untimely breakup.  Written by Barry Cohen, Ally Ahern, and Cavalieri, the lyrics paint a clear picture of a troubled heroine dealing with a breakup.  The rock-punk guitar adds attitude to the driving rock/dance beat that frames the song.  Cavalieri’s vocal style is energetic, and her tone is clear and engaging.  Her enchanted voice and Psychology degree are combined to create exciting lyrics and catchy melodies.

Cavalieri pushes forward her infectious single “Radio Silence.” A surefire winner that is guaranteed to perk up your playlist this Spring.  Once again, Cavalieri proves she is a hitmaker!

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