Alyson Murray, Come To Me

Alyson Murray

Alyson Murray, Come To Me – Review

by John Gaddis

Alyson MurrayIn 2018 we covered vocalist Alyson Murray with her single “I Got You,” which was a formidable entry to her singing prowess. Now in 2019, Murray has released another single titled “Come To Me.” To say the second time around is even sweeter is an understatement. Murray has stepped forward leaps and bounds in her journey, and I was already breath taken with her former single, which only proves that hard work and dedication in the hands of real talent can only afford higher levels of greatness. 


 Murray is an Australian native that transports back and forth to New York. “Come To Me,” is a part of a larger picture of an impending full released titled Breathe. Featuring an all-star line-up of all female players, an incredibly satiated sound is put forth by pianist Kelly Green, guitarist Alicyn Yaffee, bassist Michelle Osbourne and drummer Lucianna Padmore and of course the powerhouse vocalist Murray.

The inspiration behind “Come to Me” found its seed after relocating to New York, Murray explains “the track embodies the emotions tied to waiting patiently for things to work out and trying to trust it’ll come.” 


The gospel elements of “Come To Me,” are in full bloom with a shout out sing-along outro replete with Murray’s indomitable vocal style and range. Murray’s voice is dripping with soulfulness. On “Come To Me,” her voice offers a depth that is rooted in the soul genre. The melody and lyrics penned by Murray are catchy and have a lasting and memorable appeal.


Through 2019 Alyson started posting a series of A Capella videos on Instagram, with hashtag #AMSESSIONS. This series started in New York and has captured the rawness of Alyson’s songwriting. The single release of “Come to Me” is the result of an #AMSESSION. If this is the indicator of the album to come, it’s going to be EPIC!

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