Pecolia Fitts, Lots of Little Goodies

by Constance Tucker

If Macy Gray or Billie Holiday is up your alley, then Lots of Little Goodies will be the caramel in your chocolate bar that makes your mouth water. Filled with delicious bites and musical nuggets Lots of Little Goodies is a snack satisfying for even the sweetest tooth. Not to say that Pecolia is a complete carbon copy of these accomplished vocalist or devoid or her own style, but because her vocals are so unique just like Gray and Holiday, the listener will have to appreciate what Pecolia has to offer, a fine seasoned voice that is like a fine weathered horn.

“Reaching for the Rainbow” begins the smorgasbord, offering an old school R&B beat offset with a familiar lyric story of relationship hopes and desires. Fitts takes us through a profusion of emotions as she expresses a heartfelt performance.

“Sexy Homeless Lady” is a song of feminine independence, with an appeal similar to the classic Aretha Franklin tune R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

“Pink Beautiful Whisky Bottle” offers the listener and opportunity to hear Pecolia in a jazz setting, reminiscent of the late Billie Holiday. Though solemn in nature, the cut offers a positive overtone of hope in the lyric.

Each cut offers a look at the many sides of Pecolia Fitts musical moods, a wide variety of feels, textures and styles are offered within Lots of Little Goodies grab bag. Sweet, sorrow filled, joyful and inspiring all rolled into one sweet offering. Though Fitts is a new name, she offers a sound that brings back classic sounds.

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