Heart, Fanatic

by J. Pepper

Nancy can “shred” Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen under the table without compromising the elegance she brings to the guitar. Ann was blessed not only with the vocal endurance of a Meat Loaf as well as the hypnotic stage presence of a Freddie Mercury or a Steven Tyler, but with uniquely indestructible sex appeal. even in the deepest throes of her struggle with obesity she made Marilyn Monroe look like my grandmother.  You might think these goddesses would be content with being the very sexiest ladies ever to put their voices and/or fingers to song. [old joke: i’d like to think i’ll look that good when i reach that age, but of course who am i kiddin’? i don’t look that good NOW!]

Well, as fate would have it they remain gorgeous in the ability department as well.  It’s been said that women have to be twice as good as men in order to be considered half as good, and the Wilson girls remain up to the challenge.  “Fanatic” is as scorchin’ a rocker as any “Barracuda,” “Rock Hard (Vancouver)” as elegant an acoustic ballad as any “Dog & Butterfly.”   All that’s before we even reach the poignant independence of “Walkin’ Good,” to say nothing of the wry, sexy groove of “Skin & Bones.”

Tt’s been said before, i grant you, but it’s something that may well always need to be said, so here goes: we live in a world built by men, and women will always have to struggle to find their place in it’s upper echelons. well, if that’s what it takes to keep these fabulous babes in the running, so be it.  Yes, i do have sizeable crushes on both sisters, but let the record show that they would rock anyway.  Or maybe it’s the other way around: I’m so hot for them because they rock. Either way their rockage is a significant part of the equation.  I also speak from the standpoint of a devout feminist. No, on second thought, make that a devout female chauvinist.

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