County & Bluegrass Short Takes: Great Peacock, Lindley Creek, Noah Smith


by Constance Tucker


Great Peacock, Forever Better Worse







Great Peacock, Forever Better Worse
Based in Nashville, TN. Great Peacock, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Andrew Nelson, guitar and harmony vocalist Blount Floyd, and bass player Frank Keith IV offers impassioned music. Their music provides solid hooks and great stories with uncompromising harmonies. Their latest album, Forever Better Worse, is the band’s third release. Filled with a downhome southern comfort, it represents the American heartland of music. The songs range from touching ballads to memorable melodies that inspire. Great Peacock has a hit on their hands, and one born from honest songwriting and well-crafted stories that fit the human experience. Well done!


Lindly Creek







Lindley Creek, Freedom, Love, and the Open Road
Based in the Ozark Hills, Lindley Creek is a family that sticks together and plays together. There is nothing like the rapport of sibling harmonies, and on Freedom, Love, and the Open Road, this premise is never more apparent. Lindley Creek is the Greer family which features Katie on lead vocals, harmony, and mandolin; Jase on fiddle, chin cello, and lead and harmony vocals, Kathie on guitar and lead and harmony vocals; and John Rob on bass and vocals. Their new album is a sweetly flavored blend of traditional and modern bluegrass styles with a pinch of gospel that seasons the flavoring just right. Filled with beautiful melodies and excellent performances throughout, this is a solid bullseye hit!


Noah Smith







Noah Smith, Shoulda Seen Me Yesterday
Growing up in Ohio, Noah Smith combines the bite of rock and the storytelling of country in his music. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music with a degree in Electronic Media, Music Production, and Audio & Video Design. Smith now lives in Nashville, TN.  Shoulda Seen Me Yesterday is a personal album that focuses on childhood faith, aspiration, the fire of love, and the human struggle of career pursuit. Smith’s single “Shoulda Seen Me Yesterday,” fits squarely in the modern county music genre. Incredibly crafted lyrics all tied up neatly by Smith’s empowered, vocal style. There is enough country tradition embedded into Smith’s songs to make them appeal generationally. Smith is a burgeoning artist that is one to watch, with his guitar in hand and vocal prowess he is well on his way.

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