Garth Brooks, Garth Brooks’ new album

Garth Brooks, Garth Brooks’ new album – Review

by D. Lee

Its been a long time coming, but the time is now, the beer drinking, friend hanging, honky-tonk king has done it again with a self-titled album.  The man who turned country music on its ear with lasting songs like “Friends in Low Places,” “Shameless,” and “The Dance,” still used in TV, Film and on your favorites list is back at it writing memorable tunes with lyrics you can actually relate to.   This is old school Brooks and it’s going to ignite the hard and true fans and attach new fans to the sound that captured so many in the 90s.

Utilizing a whole new way to get the word out to his fans, the core to his success, Garth Brooks revealed some tasty tidbits in a Facebook Live series “Inside Studio G” on Monday (June 4). During his chat with fans, Brooks shared that both a new tour and new music are on the way.  Brooks also revealed the news of both another tour and another album in response to fans’ questions; queries about the possibility of both, which were received with a ramped-up enthusiasm. However, Brooks wouldn’t reveal too many details about either, other than to say, “the new music will be headed to country radio soon and that his next trek will be on a whole different level.”

Two preview tunes are out and available to pre-order.  “All Day Long,” is destined to be a hit, the 56-year-old who co-wrote the tune with Bryan Kennedy and Mitch Rossell, remains a master of the country song.  Could we see a rush on two-stepping clubs and line dancing sweep the country like it did in the 90s, only time will tell, but this has the rumblings of another comeback for honky-tonks to me.  An anthem to the simple country life that is becoming more and more appealing to all, after the cold steely hatred that has been pumping through the veins of this country, some good old fashioned 90s dancing and boot stomping is surely needed, and Brooks is the kind of artist up for the task.  Get em’ Garth!

“This Road I’m On,” is built on the back of the hard-working people out there, with lyrics that ring true and a melody that sings like a traveling song.  Brooks voices shows no sign of slowing down, he’s on point, with a vocal quality that is virile and genuine. A great tune to take along with you.  Brooks is a genius at lyrics and his melodies stand right along with it, hook laden and unforgettable, simply put – they work!

Its great to see Brooks getting back to his roots, which brought fans flocking to him in droves.  We need this type of positive shot in the arm in the country genre.  Country music was built on “real life” and the fans hunger for it, who better than Brooks the Reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year to also bring back the concept of album purchase only.  Rapid fans of Brooks can pre-order “All Day Long” and “The Road I’m On,” with a pre-order purchase of the full album only.  I for one hope this brings back the full album experience that has been sorely missing from the music industry and Brooks is just the man to blaze that trail.  Albums can’t be summed up by one track, the gems many times lie between the hits, its nice to see Brooks understanding this, and  my hope is with his star power, he is sending a clear message to the big aggregators out there, that the musician still has rights to his/her own music.

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