Susan Krebs, Everything Must Change


by:  Constance Tucker

Supported by her long-time collaborators Rich Eames on piano and Jerry Kalaf on drums, and featuring Brian McGillicuddy on bass and Chuck Manning on saxophones, Everything Must Change is truly a jazz offering that stands out head and shoulders above the plethora of vocal jazz CDs.  Krebs embraces each tune with a keen sense of storytelling.  She does not settle for just hitting the right notes or singing in a pretty fashion.  Her interpretations truly push and pull each composition to its fullest potential engaging the listener’s to delve further into the message of change.

Freddy Hubbard’s “Up Jumped Spring” starts off the disc and immediately you know this is much more than a run of the mill vocal jazz CD.   Her ability to own the melody and convey the lyric with conviction and originality cements the notion you are witnessing a true song stylist.

“What Is This Thing Called Love” allows the listener to glimpse Krebs in an introspective transition that aluminates with a sultry chanteuse afterglow.   It was difficult to choose what cut represented Krebs the best, as each track had its own special fabric that weaves the entire release together with the one undeniable quality, Krebs vocals.  She makes it seem so simple, but in fact many vocalists fall short when it comes to delivering song lyrics that rely on the vocalist to give the lyric meaning.  Krebs is a gifted raconteur, and Everything Must Change is worth adding to your collection for a fresh take on classic opuses.

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