Dance Again: The Hits (Deluxe Version) [Deluxe Edition, CD+DVD]

by  D B

j loMy review for those who are new to Jennifer Lopez’s music: Get this collection. All of the songs on it are really good and you shouldn’t pay attention to my minor nitpicking details, because this is definitely the best way to get familiar with her music.

My review for those who are already Jennifer Lopez fans: I’ll start off with the bad. First off, who made the track listing for this? The order the songs are in seems completely random and doesn’t exactly flow well. It would have had a better flow to it if the songs were in chronological order. Some of her biggest hits, “Play,” the Track Masters Remix of “I’m Gonna Be Alright,” and “I’m Glad,” are missing, while minor hits like “I’m Into You” and “Feelin’ So Good” rest comfortably on the standard track listing. Not to mention the 2 week #1 hit “All I Have” is only a bonus track on the deluxe version, while it should be on all editions. In the booklet and back cover, “Jenny From the Block” and “Feelin’ So Good” are labeled as remixes while they are, in fact, the original album versions. The version of “Get Right” used on this album is the version featuring two raps by Fabulous, however I’m fairly sure the main version of the song without a rapper tacked on was the more popular version.

All complaints aside, this is not a bad collection. Many criticize Jennifer as an artist, but she sure knows how to pick her songs, even if she doesn’t write the majority of them, or have the strongest voice. All of the songs included here are pop gold (except the new song “Goin’ In,” which as of right now I don’t care for), and have glamorous videos to go along with them. The DVD looks and sounds great. Although they made the mistake of putting the Fabulous version of “Get Right” on the CD, the music video on the DVD is thankfully the original version in which Jennifer plays all the different characters. Still, the DVD doesn’t hold a candle to Jennifer Lopez – The Reel Me (DVD & CD), but it’s nice to finally have her newer videos. The booklet (of the deluxe edition, at least) is very glossy, and features 24 very colorful pages of pretty much every photo from her CD booklets from On the 6 to Brave, as well as a few extra shots. If you haven’t seen the booklets, you wouldn’t know which pictures came from which album era, because this woman does not age!

Overall, it’s a decent collection. It could have been much better, but it also could have been much worse. If you are a casual Jennifer Lopez fan, particularly one that doesn’t own all of her albums, I recommend this set.

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