Colter Wall, Little Songs Review


Colter Wall, Little Songs Review

Reverberating Heartland: Colter Wall’s Little Songs Echoes with Authentic Country Spirit

by John Gaddis

Colter-Wall-cdColter Wall’s Little Songs offers compelling evidence that the soul of country music continues to throb powerfully. Wall’s distinctive, gravelly baritone has found its perfect canvas in this anthology of narratives inspired by his homeland of Battle Creek, Saskatchewan. Each track is a vignette, crystallizing tales of hardship, solitude, and the occasional flash of joy in the vast rural tableau.

‘Prairie Evening/Sagebrush Waltz’ sets the album in motion as an intriguing saga, a skillful fusion of two songs with seamless rhythmic transition, accompanied by an enchanting ensemble of fiddle, pedal steel, and harmonica. Wall’s wistful baritone guides us across his desolate plains, filling the ‘big empty’ with his ‘little songs.’ His robust vocals, delivered with impeccable diction, infuse each word with profound depth, painting vivid images in listeners’ minds.

Wall’s knack for storytelling is beautifully manifested in “The Coyote & The Cowboy,” a charming rendition of Ian Tyson’s classic tale of unusual camaraderie in the solitary wilderness. His splendid yodeling in “Cow/Calf Blue Yodel” is a trip down memory lane to the golden age of country music, infusing the album with infectious energy. The phrasing of the melody, particularly in this song, showcases Wall’s ability to bend his baritone into diverse vocal dynamics, adding a layer of complexity and intrigue.

Little Songs is a jubilant blend of the past and present, where traditional country western meets Wall’s singular lyrical style. His unique phrasing and deliberate diction bring his narratives to life, adding a human touch that resonates with listeners. Alongside his band, Wall crafts a warm ambiance of cowboy solidarity that transforms the album into a fireside gathering under a starlit sky. For those seeking a fusion of authentic country sound and contemporary elements, Little Songs is an unbeatable choice.

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