Tai Shan, Meet in the Middle

by Constance Tucker

There is something so unique about good songwriting, though many aspire to it – many times, an artist falls short of the truly inspired result.  Enter Tai Shan, a Seattle based artist and songwriter in the Folk-Country-Americana genre.  What is so uniquely striking about this artist is she is a top-shelf vocalist as well. There must be something in the water in Seattle because the music scene is ripe with great artists, yet Tai Shan seems to stand head and shoulders in her genre.

Her voice is convincing and honest, the attributes most needed in a vocalist.  Her ability to turn a phrase and make you feel connected to the story is a cornerstone to the success of Meet in the Middle.

The title track, is destined to be a wedding hit for the ages.  Joined by Austin Garrison in a duet setting, you can hear the true love of honest life dripping from the lyrics.  The two harmonize like angels, folks  – this is country-folk gold.  Who needs superstars to record this, if a record company does not snap these two up, they need to check their pulse.  You only need to listen to this song to immediately fall in love with this delightful newly married couple.

Another tune for me that stood out is “Stubborn Girls,” Shan is seductive and powerful all in one, move over Shania Twain, here comes Shan and she means business. A female anthem of standing tall and not taking the push, without a push back of determination.

“Out of the Frying Pan,” gives Austin Garrison the floor again in another duet setting with Shan, the chemistry between these two is simply stunning.  You will want to jump in the fire with these two, immediately.   Wedded bliss never sounded so good.

By now, I hope you have garnered this is a worthwhile listen, absolutely stunning songwriting and seriously honed singing abounds on each track. There is not one track that is lackluster, an accomplishment in itself.   Brimming with great lyrics and solid performances, this is a must add to your collection.  Industry if you are out there listening, sign this act while you can – this is solid gold!

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