Queensrÿche, Condition Human

by J. Kyr

I think its safe to say that no -Real- fan of Queensryche has any doubts left about who was responsible for the downhill the band took up until 4/2012.Now that they are free from the dictatership they truly once again shine and remind of their glory days.in fact its a miracle a band that was so close to oblivion now has made the strongest comeback ever.

I was one of those that bought the album on September 2nd when it was accidentally made available for purchase.So having already listened to it multiple times,these are my thoughts.
Throughoutthe entire album fans are expected to revisit the bands legacy up to 1994’s Promised Land but with a fresh and modern flavor.Heavy,fast,groovy,slower,atmospheric that record has everything a ryche fan wants and was waiting for since 94(and got also with 2013 self titled,although the mastering ruins that record).

Combined with a polished production by Zeuss the album breathes and allows the listener to sink in to the multiple layers.I will not do a track by track but seriously i can’t exclude the title track from my rqueensrycheeview.  Even if it was only that song on the disc it would still be a killer album.Us fans whenever the band released anything remotely good we tend to describe it as “the best since promised land” but this album and especially the title track its not just the best since promised land,its equally as strong as the band’s discography up to promised land.The title track is the magnus opus,the long epic song that makes you wish it was longer.Constant rhythm changes,introspected lyrics,a musical roller coaster and it stands easily next to the other epics like Roads to Madness,Suite Sister Mary,Anybody Listening,Promised Land
I give 4 stars only because i would like the album to have a bit stronger hooks/choruses but that doesn’t meen its bad or anything,just what i would prefer.

Don’t think too long to purchase the record it deserves to be with Ep,The Warning,Rage for Order,Operation: Mindcrime,Empire and Promised Land on your CD/LP shelf.

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