Morgan Wade, Psychopath Review


Morgan Wade, Psychopath Review

Morgan Wade’s Psychopath: A Vocal Journey of Resonance and Grit

by Rudy Palma

Morgan-Wade-All-About-Vocals-CDAt first glance, Morgan Wade’s sophomore effort, Psychopath, seems to be a mere continuation of her previous album, Reckless. But one should never judge an album by its cover, or even its lineage. Let’s delve into the auditory feast that this record offers, with a particular focus on what I know best—the vocal nuances that transport us into Wade’s world of emotional complexity and raw vulnerability.

Having Sadler Vaden in the production chair brings a muscular musicality to the album that serves as a potent backdrop for Wade’s distinctive voice. And oh, what a voice it is. Raspy yet refined, Wade’s soprano has the rare capability to oscillate between the emotive timbres of punk/rock and the melodic sensibilities of pop and country.

Her diction is crisp, allowing each lyric to shine with full clarity, a feature that my AudioQuest DragonFly Black DAC and KEF LS50 speakers reproduced faithfully. For those who value diction in vocals, Wade checks that box. Whether she’s singing about love, loss, or the complexities of mental health, her ability to articulate ensures you don’t miss a word, an emotional journey laid bare.

While her pitch rarely wavers from true north, it’s her phrasing that sets her apart. She wraps each word with a vocal texture that morphs in sync with the lyrical theme. Take a listen through the Sennheiser HD 800S headphones, and you’ll hear the subtleties that might escape a casual listener. When Wade bares her vulnerabilities, her voice cracks just enough to let you in but not enough to make her seem broken. That’s artistry for you.

From an audiophile’s perspective, this album is also a gem. The NAD C368 amplifier catches the complexity of Wade’s vocals and the intricate instrumentation, offering a fully immersive listening experience. The mix is rich and expansive, thanks in no small part to Vaden’s production expertise. His wide-ranging musical background enhances the record, giving it a multi-dimensional sound that complements Wade’s vocal versatility.

To put it bluntly, if you’re an advocate for autotuned, overly processed vocals, this album might not be your cup of tea. Wade’s organic delivery is the antithesis of such artificiality. However, the album isn’t without its hazards. At times, the emotional intensity of her delivery can overshadow the subtler elements of her voice. But let’s be honest, nitpicking this would be akin to complaining that a Ferrari goes too fast.

In an industry awash with synthesized sounds and pitch-corrected vocals, Morgan Wade’s Psychopath is a refreshing demonstration of the emotive power of the human voice. Here’s an artist who isn’t afraid to let her vocal cords fray a little if it serves the emotional narrative. And in doing so, she not only captures the zeitgeist of her generation but also the attention of anyone who values vocal artistry.

So, if you’re an audiophile like me who cherishes organic vocal textures and intricate phrasing, Morgan Wade’s Psychopath is not to be missed. Go ahead, give your audiophile gear the workout it deserves. You won’t be disappointed.


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