Lindsay Webster, Love Inside

by J. Pepper

Lindsey Webster grew up in Woodstock New York, and community brimming with music and groundbreaking artists like Carla Bley and Steve Swallow.  Influenced by the music of Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, and Earth Wind and Fire, the love of music was deeply in her soul.  For a moment in her youthful pursuit she explored medical school before settling on her inevitable path of music.  Good thing too, Webster made history in 2016 with her original “Fool Me Once,” the first vocally driven song to top the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts, not since Sade’s Soldier of Love in 2010, had this been done, in fact beating Sade’s three-week run at #1 with a four-week stay at the top of the chart with “Fool Me Once.”  2016 brought Webster Top 3 placements on Billboard with, “Back To Your Heart,” “Next To Me,” and “Where Do You Want To Go.” In fact, “Where Do You Want To Go” reached #1, her second #1 in a year.

So, what is in the potion for Love Inside?  An amalgam of twelve redolent originals that bring forth the expressiveness of R&B, jazz, pop and soul.  Joined by pianist and husband Keith Slattery, they explore the world of love and loss in relationships and the journey it takes to get there.

“Love Inside,” is a groove laden pop tune that has a smooth and sensual feel and a melody that allows Webster to dig into her easy going soulful side.  Webster has a voice that is so sensual you are hooked from the first notes that drip from her lips.  Its easy to understand her universal appeal, when you sound that good it doesn’t matter the genre, or what you call the style, its honestly just about great singing, and Webster has that down pat.

For me the single on this album is “A Love Before,” brimming with hooks and laden with good vibes, this tune I found myself singing the melody instantly. It was like meeting an old friend again, the joy was effervescent.  With Bee Gee like harmonies this tune is solid gold.

Love Inside is a wonderfully crafted album, each track has its own nuances that bring forth the most spectacular aspect which is Webster, she is a world-class vocalist and whether you call her pop, smooth-jazz or contemporary jazz, the category is insignificant.  Webster in my book is just a magnificent vocalist, with talent that is limitless.

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