Kate Hamann, Momentary Beauty Review


Kate Hamann, Momentary Beauty Review

by Constance Tucker

Kate Hamann - CD CoverKate Hamann is a vocalist, composer, and trumpeter originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Hamann’s music is a fresh and inviting new sound in jazz, with the unique qualities of Hamann using her trumpet and voice to make one continuous instrument. That two-as-one sound allows her to bridge the gap between instrumental and vocal music. In doing so, she creates enjoyable music for all types of listeners regardless of “genre.” Momentary Beauty is Hamann’s new album that tells a long love story, starting with feelings of butterflies, daydreaming, and the blissful period of being newly in love.

“Stepping Stones” highlights Hamann’s vocal skills as well as her songwriting skills. The lyrics speak of loyalty to a partner through hardship and achieving milestones in a relationship. Hamann is a sophisticated songwriter who bridges two worlds of songwriting with inventive musical composition. The melody has large interval jumps, and the entire song is in 5/4, which emotes feelings of hesitation. Hamann sings and performs flügelhorn on the song, and the instruments have a warm round tone, further complimenting the overall sound.

“Songs We Used To Sing” features Hamann’s singing only. Her singing rings clear like a brass instrument. Again, her unique songwriting reflects a distinctive song structure and well-penned lyrics. Though Hamann is a jazz artist, her music has a multi-genre appeal and is relatable. The ensemble executes the surroundings delightfully, focusing on Hamann’s singing.

Kate Hamann is building a sound that combines singing and trumpet playing with today’s emotions and modern jazz influence. Her music has elements of pop, but her songwriting skills take her music to a universally appreciated level of good music. Be sure to get to know Kate Hamann’s Momentary Beauty.


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