CeCe Gable, Once Again It’s Winter

CeCe Gable


by Constance Tucker

Once again its winterAs our temperatures continue to drop and the snow builds in a drifting motion. Warming the cockles is, of course, a great cause. In that spirit, may I introduce the warming feel of CeCe Gable’s “Once Again It’s Winter.” A bossa nova guaranteed to transport you to the glistening beauty of winter with a warm and swaying feeling that only Latin can offer. Gable, in collaboration with Corky Bennett, pianist/jazz accordionist, composer, and arranger, has created a lasting winter solstice tune.

What better day to introduce “Once Again It’s Winter,” but on the actual day of Winter Solstice.

Gable’s voice has a genuineness about it, and the lyrics capture a hot toddy of gentle breezes and cozy fires while snuggled in with your best snuggle partner.  Joined by Akio Sasajima: guitar, Harvie S: bass, and Andrew Heglund: drums and percussion, the song offers a needed respite from the bitter cold the northeast is suffering at this time.  So snuggle in with your favorite hot whisky or even a Blackberry Mulled Wine. Either way, “Once Again It’s Winter will hit the spot.

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