Baby Santa’s Music Box

Baby Santa’s Music Box Review

by Constance Tucker

Baby Einstein?s Baby Santa?s video introduces your child to holiday festivities from a variety of cultures. The soundtack is holiday instrumental musical tunes from different countries around the world such as England, Ireland, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, and the United States yet all rendered in similar orchestration by the Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra. Baby Santa is filled with visually stimulating real-world objects including toys, fruit and animals. Baby Einstein?s Baby Santa?s video is a joyous celebration of holiday magic through the eyes and ears of a child.
One of the earlier releases in the now popular Baby Einstein video series, Baby Santa’s Music Box is an unpolished version of the wonderful videos to come later in the collection. Relying more on music and visuals as the sole entertainment than some of the others, Baby Santa began the formula of the Baby Bach and Baby Beethoven videos with stimulating visuals set to music. Unlike the more advanced videos in the Baby Einstein series designed for older babies and toddlers, this one is entirely non-verbal and will appeal to infants as young as one month of age.
Visuals rely heavily on the Baby Einstein Puppets albeit the earlier versions, visuals of ornaments and Christmas decorations, animals playing in the snow, and lots and lots of children. Appropriate for ages 1 month and up, the simplicity of the video combined with some more engaging puppet visuals will likely entertain your baby until around the 18th month. The video is short, but you have the option to “repeat play” as well as play the music without the video.
Like most of the other videos in the Baby Einstein series, this one is designed as a `video board book’ for your baby and offers you the opportunity to interact with your child in the same way you do with books. Most of the DVDs in the series have the option to “play” or “repeat play” and are about 20-30 minutes in length — the repetition being very stimulating and comforting to the younger viewing audience.

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