Adele, 21

by Mel Rose

I’ve heard Adele for a few years, but never really thought about getting her CD. But once I did, I fell even more in love with her. I was originally drawn in from her first CD, 19, which had songs on it I didn’t realize she sung. This CD, 21, is no exception.

“Rolling in the Deep” starts the CD out with a powerful, energetic song making everyone sing along. The power behind her voice is amazing and she’s not shy to belt it out.

“Rumour Has It” is the next track which is a catchy song. I was indifferent the first time I listened to it and now, I can’t stop listening to it.

“Turning Tables” is a bit slower, but it’s one of my favorites on the CD. I’ve been addicted to this song since I’ve heard it. (The same with Rolling in the Deep) It’s so powerful though it’s slower.

“Someone Like You” is the ending song and it’s a good way to end the CD. It’s powerful, soft, beautiful and amazing all wrapped in one.

The other songs I don’t mind too much, but these are my favorite songs. The first time you listen to the CD, you might skip a few songs, but it’s worth a second listen. That’s what happened with me. Though I love Adele, some of her songs were a bit slower for me and I wasn’t in the mood, at the time, to listen to them. Some of them are more of a coffee house or jazz feel to them. But overall, I love this CD. I would recommend it to anyone.

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